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Pirate Grotto
Pirate Grotto
Continent Southern Arun
Province Ostgarath

Two things fill the caves of Pirate Grotto: treasure...and danger. The Red Lash pirates are on the verge of overwhelming the scattered federation camps within the massive cave network.

Pirate swords aren't the only threat here. The federation believes the Red Lash have acquired explosives. What will they blow up? Hopefully not you!

Players may have to walk and talk like pirates to fit in and find answers—not to mention some stolen pirate treasure![1]

Goat LockerEdit


This portion of the complex gets its name from the butchers who kill livestock for food and put them in a massive vault as the food supply. Rumors through the federations' camps in the area tell of a secret weapon residing within alongside the meat. This must be investigated further and dealt with if the rumors are indeed true.

Ground FloorEdit


Massive underground caverns hold many of the pirates' buildings such as Infirmaries, Forges, and Pubs. Pirate medics and experimenters create deadly poisons and their antidotes. Strong, efficient Blacksmiths work on a variety of weapons such as massive hammers and packs of explosives. Inn Keepers and Bar Patrons keep their community well fed and cared for. All of these things could work against the federations efforts.

Briny OutpostEdit


On one side lies an underground town of Red Lash pirates, while the other contains a few federation camps. While the two groups fight, Ovoliths and Vampirs roam in the central caverns, attacking any who tread there.