Plant Gathering is a gathering skill used in TERA which allows players to collect crafting material from plants throughout the game. To gather from a plant, get near the plant, face it and press F. This starts an animation which can be stopped by taking damage and various other skills. Plants in TERA exist in 5 tiers - the higher the tier the greater the chance of failure. There is no level restriction on plants (ie. a level 1 player can still gather from a Luria plant), it's just that if the plant is much higher than the player's level, the chance of failure would be that much higher. Plant Gathering is needed for Alchemy and Tailoring.

All 5 plants have a chance of giving the player Essential Mana, Idyllic Leafs Cochineal Beetles, Indigo Petals, Murex Snails, Saffron Stalks, or Purpurin Roots instead of the actual fibers.

Verdra Fibers

Tier 1 - Verdra FibersEdit

Skill Level - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 102

Locations Edit

Sylva Fibers

Tier 2 - Sylva Fibers Edit

Skill Level - Minimum: 101, Maximum: 151

Locations Edit

Shetla Fibers

Tier 3 - Shetla Fibers Edit

Skill Level - Minimum: 151, Maximum: 201

Locations Edit

Toira Fibers

Tier 4 - Toira Fibers Edit

Skill Level - Minimum: 201, Maximum: 251

Locations Edit

Luria Fibers

Tier 5 - Luria Fibers Edit

Skill Level - Minimum 251, Maximum: 300

Locations Edit

  • Sylvanoth
    • Darkquaver Woods
  • Zulfikar Fortress
    • Khanovar Front

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