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The Priest: Skills Glyphs Weapons Armour

Priestminiicon Priest
Role Support
Combat range Medium (10 meters)
Movement speed Normal (110%)
Weapon type Staff
Armor type Cloth
"Uniting the strength of gods and mortals."

The priest is a cloth armored class which specializes in a staff with long ranged supportive healing capabilities.
Power granted by the blessing of Shakan, Zenobia, Seren, Balder, and Arachne to enhance their powers and great worshipers of Yurian, the God of Justice, as they rely solely on him to aid in combat when healing is necessary the most. The priest is considered one of the most supportive classes alongside the mystic.

Official Description Edit

"Priests can bring allies back from the brink of death and beyond while burning and blasting their way through phalanxes of enemies. Priests derive power from their devotion to the gods, but it’s their devotion to others that earns them fame and friends on the battlefield. A priest has killing skills enough to survive alone in the toughest situations, and support spells to fortify, purify, and resurrect party members in need.
In fact, priests have more spells at their disposal than almost any other discipline. Priests are a support class that can also hold their own against foes. They keep themselves and their allies alive and regenerated while guarding them from critical damage, and still spare time to target foes for searing blasts of divine energy. They can target one comrade for healing, or remove poisons and curses from any nearby friendly player. They can stand up allies who have been knocked down, or put their enemies to sleep. It's no wonder that some say the party with the most skilled priest is the most likely to win victory in the field.

Equipment and attributes Edit


Equipment Edit

Although equipped with weak set of cloth armor, the priest takes advantage on its ease of weight for improved meditation on the battlefield, allowing them to concentrate more and create powerful spells to fight against armies of evil, or support their party members. Equipped with a powerful staff, the priest is given control of attacking and healing abilities given many gods whom the priest wishes to follow, requesting justice and morale, allowing them to become a great role of being supportive.

Attributes Edit

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Skills and racial traits Edit

Skills Edit


Baraka priest using Regeneration Circle Regeneration Circle.

Priests are capable of supporting their group members in multiple kind of ways, varying from recovering their member's health with the help of Regeneration Circle Regeneration Circle and Healing Circle Healing Circle for area of effect healing or Restorative Burst Restorative Burst for single targeted healing, and Arise Arise to instant arise party members if knocked down. Alongside the mystic, the priest is given other skills aside from healing that can support the group in different ways, such as Summon Party Summon: Party (Priest) which can summon all the party to the priest, and Resurrect Resurrect (Priest) which can revive the dead. Priests are also capable of enhancing the group with five blessings which will improve the gameplay of the party. Blessing of Zenobia Blessing of Zenobia which increases movement speed, Blessing of Shakan Blessing of Shakan which increases strength, Blessing of Seren Blessing of Seren which increases endurance of the group, Blessing of Balder Blessing of Balder increases health recovery speed, and Blessing of Arachne Blessing of Arachne which increases resistance to all harmful effects. The priest's resurrection signature spell is Grace of Resurrection Grace of Resurrection which allows the priest to instantly resurrect a member to life with 100% health and mana, opposed to the mystic's Vow of Rebirth Vow of Rebirth.

Racial traits Edit

Being able to pick between one of the seven races proves to be a tough choice. Each race has their own unique racial traits that can effectively improve the gameplay of the priest, depending on race choice:

Glyphs and crystals Edit

Glyphs Edit

Specializing in glyphs like all classes means a great deal to customization. Notable glyphs are:

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Crystals Edit

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