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A Chance of Sun
Start D-start Akma
End D-end Lilis
Level 60 (Requires 58)
Type Daily
Location Lighthouse of the Sun
Money 13Gold
Reputation +750 Rep Hyderad Legacy
Credits 25 Credits Hyderad Legacy


  1. Find Lilis.
  2. Restart the Lighthouse Ignition Device at the top of the Lighthouse of the Sun.
  3. Return to Lilis.


  • You can only enter the lighthouse once per day. Check that you completed your objectives before leaving.
  • Gates will block your way until you clear enough mobs on the previous floor(s).


D-start Akma

I need your help.

In fact, I doubt anyone else could do it.

One of the lighthouses has gone dark! Balder's Glyph spreads its energy over the whole refuge. The lighthouses convert some of it to... well, we're not sure. But when they go out, plants and animals die and the wards on this place weaken.

Lilis may know what's wrong. Give her whatever help she needs!

D-progress Lilis

[Name]? Great!

The Tombstone of the Sun God in there must have jammed up.

Take the teleportal inside, to get to the top of the tower and restart the Tombstone of the Sun God. Watch out for golems!

D-end Lilis

Beautiful. Yes, the field's stabilizing.

Hard work, between the stairs and the golems. We're very lucky you were here.


You will receive: