A Clue In the Dark
Start S-start Adria
End S-end Teil
Level 6
Type Story
Previous [Lvl4] I'll Take the High Road
Next [Lvl7] Redeployment
Money 1Silver 00Copper
Experience 1,000
Class-based item (see rewards section)


  1. "Report to Leander."
  2. "Talk to Taras by the stairs of Tower Base."
  3. "Speak to Tanli"
  4. "Report to Leander at the Tower Base."
  5. "Speak to Councilor Teil."

Notes Edit

S-start Leander

Jehan is quite fond of writing reports, which serves my purposes now as well as Adria's. He has one ready. Take the report to Adria.

Know that Leander of Allemantheia counts you as a friend, <player name>.

S-progress Jehan

Leander is, of course, to be respected in all ways, but he sure doesn't like paperwork. Unless it's something for an academic journal. Publish or perish, you know.

Now, which report was it?

(The one with the demonic corruption.)

Ah, yes. That one...right.

Read it in good health. There's work to be done.

(Thanks. I appreciate it.)

S-progress Adria

I've no reason to doubt Leander's conclusions, particularly in light of what we endured.

Take this report to Councilor Teil at once. He's just up the stairs. He must understand what we're facing.

(On my way.)

S-end Teil

The Tainted Gorge, eh? That's not surprising. Everything about that area fills me with dread. You've been a tremendous help with this, <player name>. Well done.

Return to Adria with my thanks. She'll have your next orders.


S-start Adria

I've finally got some more information on Elleon, <player name>. Looks like he really is missing again.

His brother Leander is sick with worry, of course. He should be here any minute.

Be tactful when you see him. High elves might seem serene, but they feel emotions as keenly as anyone.

"Oh good, Leander's arrived..."–Adria

S-progress Leander

I feel like we just found him, and now Elleon's gone again. I assume he's run off again.

Check with Taras by the steps. He keeps a keen eye. He may have seen something.

(On my way.)

S-progress Taras

Elleon's missing again? You know, now that you mention it, I did see him a couple hours ago. He was headed down to the Southern Checkpoint.

Check in with Tanli. She may have seen which way he went.

(On my way.)

S-progress Tanli

Elleon? Yes, I saw that one heading south. I thought it was a little strange, as that campsite is currently abandoned, but I assumed he had his reasons. It was at least a few hours ago, though.

He's looked...distracted lately. Honestly, Leander probably has a much better idea of what's going on than I do.

(Thanks for your help.)

S-progress Leander

Well, obviously he's left in search of something. As you may have heard, he does that from time to time.

Councilor Teil probably has more insight into what he could be trying to find. Check with him.

(On my way.)

S-end Teil

Ah, yes: Elleon. Like all true heroes, he finds it difficult to delegate tasks to subordinates.

Let's see if we can figure out where he's gone...

(Yes, let's.)

"You are welcome here."–Teil

Summary Upon CompletionEdit


Leander instructed Jehan to write a report for the Tower Base about the demonic corruption. You delivered the report to Tribune Adria and Councilor Teil.

Adria and Teil, troubled by the severity of the situation, started making plans to deal with the demons.


Adria has more information on Elleon, Leander's older brother.

A few people have seen him, but the consensus is that he's gone off in search of something.


  • 1000 XP
  • 1Silver 00Copper
One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
Hauberk of the First Expedition Cuirass of the First Expedition Robe of the First Expedition

One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
Lance of the First Expedition Axe of the First Expedition Unknown [edit] Greatsword of the First Expedition Twin Swords of the First Expedition Bow of the First Expedition Disc of the First Expedition Scepter of the First Expedition Staff of the First Expedition

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