5man A Manor Invasion
Start S-start Jelena
End S-end Jelena
Level 27
Type Story
Experience 120,000
Class-based item (see rewards section)


  1. Jelena

"Join Jelena in Sinestral Manor."
  1. Jelena

"Talk to Jelena


  1. Jelena

"Meet Jelena at the ladder to the ground floor."

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Duchess TiraniaEdit

(Vampir Royalist)

Located in the Vale of Fang's Sinestral Manor, she is one of the four bosses.

Level: 27


She takes on the appearance of the Blood Maids found in Vale of Fang. 
Duke Volperon
"Kill the duke and duchess to open the secret temple door."

  1. Jelena

"Fight alongside Jelena to the ladder room."
  1. Dementalith Generator
    "Enter the hidden temple and destroy the dementalith generator."
  2. Jelena

"Use the teleportal to leave Sinestral Manor and check in with Paka."


This is part of the Insanity Epidemic story quest chain. It is preceded by the quest Blood Will Always Tell, and followed by the quest Discredit Where Credit Is Due.


S-start Jelena

The nobles use that teleportal to come and go unseen.

They think it's safe because it's keyed to their blood. Thanks to you, we have some of that!

Everyone take a vial. See you on the other side!

S-progress Jelena

Shhh! They're right up those stairs!

Can you feel that tingling? Right in the back of your neck? That must be magic from their device. Blast, it's strong! We must be quick.

Okay, are we all in place?

(Let's do it!)

S-progress Jelena

You'll be making a lot of noise, so I'll disable their alarms. We'll meet at the ladder to the ground floor.

If anything gives you trouble, cut it down and let the Dream sort it out.

(We're ready. What's the plan?)

S-progress Jelena

You go crash Duchess Tirania and Duke Volperon's little party.

I'll rig the temple door to open when they die. Then we can put an end to this mess.

(For Popolion!)

S-progress Jelena

All right. It's time to take out that device. Hum a song or count as high as you can—anything to keep your mind focused. Just make sure you destroy the target!

(Right behind you.)

S-end Jelena

Is this the end of Sinestral Manor?

We got rid of the duke and duchess and even destroyed the dementalith generator. All in a day's work, eh? Great job in there!

Now, maybe I can finally stretch out and take a breather. Yeah, right.


Summary Upon CompletionEdit

Jelena 's plan got you into the manor. While Jelena cleared the way of alarms, you killed the vampir duke and duchess. You found the device that produced the dementaliths—and blew it to bits.

A Scion priestess, Akia, vowed revenge for your meddling. By the time you killed her pet arachnen, she'd escaped, but you forged a new friendship with Jelena.


120,000 XP

One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
unknown unknown Unknown [edit] unknown unknown Stake Driver unknown unknown unknown


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