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A Race Through Dark Places
Start S-start Automatically Obtained
Level 37
Type Story
Experience 420,000



Summary Upon CompletionEdit

JelenaJelena is a female Castanic quest-giver. She is particularly important in story quests and assists Elleon in a number of important missions to support the Valkyon Federation. She has a knack for popping up wherever she is required and likes to flirt with adventurers.

Jelena's style and allegiance to Elleon have made her somewhat unpopular with the justicars controlled by Samael. As a result, she spends a substantial amount of time in disguise, such as assuming the persona of Perina in Cutthroat Harbor.



At the Dark Cathedral, you met with Runha, a ranger like Jelena, and learned that Elleon and his soldiers went through a teleportal in pursuit of a Scion priestess, but were cut off. You were able to help Runha establish a new connection to Cultists' Refuge.




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