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"It's a graveyard for the arrogant..." --Barakavec (254)
This article is about removed content, an article of a subject that is no longer available in TERA and very unlikely to ever return due to development decisions. The article remains here for historical purposes.
Answers Lead to More Questions
Start S-start Sersine
End S-end Sersine
Level 11
Type Story
Previous [Lvl11] Putting the Pieces Together
Next [Lvl11] Dark Revelations
Money 80Copper
Experience 800

Objectives Edit

  1. Kugai's Codex Kugai's Codex
    "Gregor guards a shorter path to Leander's camp."
  2. Kugai's Codex Kugai's Codex
    "Deliver the codex to Leander."
  3. Leander's Translation Leander's Translation
    "Take the translation to Sersine. The fastest way is to use a teleport scroll and the teleport master at the Tower Base."

Notes Edit

This is part of the To the Tainted Gorge story quest chain. It is preceded by the quest Putting the Pieces Together, and followed by the quest Dark Revelations.

Script Edit

S-start Sersine

Take this codex to Leander. His mind sees order in chaos. We must learn its secrets.

Take this to him now, before whoever holds Kugai's leash learns of its capture. Gregor keeps the southern pass free of...complications - it's the fastest route back to his outpost.

S-progress Gregor

Nice to see a face that isn't attached to a blade or twisted by magic.

The demons seem content to control the gorge, but be careful of orcan patrols at the summit.

S-progress Leander

Welcome back, <player name>. How can we be of service?

A codex? This could be the breakthrough we've hoped for! Hand it over!

No mention of him. Alas.


Indeed. However, the codex speaks of Karascha gathering power for some nefarious purpose. Wait - this can't be right. Impossible. Lok's dead.

Take this to Sersine. Whatever his delusions, Karascha must be stopped - slain would be better.

(What's wrong?)

Most demons are very mercenary, they'll work for nearly anyone. Whoever bound Karascha to their will is very dangerous. This codex must be wrong, but Karascha must be stopped whether it is or not.

Besides, Karascha's responsible for Elleon's...fate.

(Karascha will pay! I guarantee it.)

S-end Sersine

What did Leander discover?

He's quite right. Lok died during the Divine War. He couldn't be behind this! The codex really said that? Remarkable.

(Leander said Karascha must be stopped.)

Well, on that we can agree.

Verus thinks Karascha can be reached through the shrine to the northwest, so that's our next move.

For Elleon - and the federation, Karascha must die.

(Then die he will!)

Summary Upon Completion Edit

Sersine asked you to take Kugai's codex to Leander for translation. Leander found no mention of his brother, but discovered the demon behind the dark forces on the island, Karascha, and mention of Lok—a god long-thought dead.

Regardless of Karascha's loyalties, Leander and Sersine agreed that he must be killed.

Rewards Edit

  • 80Copper
  • 800 XP