Balder's Balm
Start D-start Buran
End D-end Buran
Level 60 (Requires 58)
Type Daily
Location Seren's GardenSeren's Garden
Money 12Gold
Reputation +700 Rep Hyderad Legacy
Credits 20 Credits Hyderad Legacy


  1. Find Ruma.
  2. Moonlight Lotus x3
    Gather moonlight lotuses around Seren's Garden.
  3. Deliver the moonlight lotuses to Buran.


D-start Buran

Hey, want some relaxing work?

Ruma is short of medicine.

D-progress Ruma

Good to see you, friend.

Always out of something, what with all the cuts, bruises, and sloth bites.

Bring what you find to Buran. And thanks!

D-end Buran

Aah, lovely smell on these! Very fresh.


You will receive:



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