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Blood Will Always Tell
Start S-start Paka
End S-end Jelena
Level 26
Type Story
Experience 108,000
Class-based item (see rewards section)


  1. Paka
    "Report to Prefect Paka in Popolion."
  2. Jelena

"Find Jelena

and secure her help."

  1. Surdek's Notes
    "Find and kill Surdek."
  2. Surdek's Notes
    "Return the notes to Jelena


  1. Countess's Coffin
    "Find and open the countess's coffin."
  2. Bathory
    "Drain Countess Bathory of blood."
  3. Dricus
    "Drain Count Dricus's blood."
  4. Jelena

"Meet Jelena

at the Sinestral Manor."


This is part of the Insanity Epidemic story quest chain. It is preceded by Pure Rock Madness, and followed by the quest A Manor Invasion.


S-start Bruke

That Paka fellow has been looking for you. Odd company you keep, <player name>.

S-progress Paka

<player name>! Thank you for coming.

We and the vampirs were friends once, before this madness. But now they've threatened my town.

If you went to Vale of the Fang and...reduced their numbers a bit...people would feel safer.

And this time I'd reward you personally. That Bruke's proved himself a total ass!

(Let me look for another way.)

Ah, but I scent another on your clothes—one who has helped us before. One who is on the run! If she believes there's another way, I'll trust her.

Never fear, I won't betray her.

We owe her a great deal.

(We'll find an answer.)

S-progress Jelena

Well met, <player name>. Guess we both like making trouble!

I was right about the vampirs. They're being used! The nobles sold their people out to the Cult. Bad news.

There's one cultist in particular—Surdek—always taking notes. We've got to take a look at them! I need an idea of how much blood magic they've learned, and how they're going to use it. Think you can take him?

Good. Do it. I'm going to scout a way into the Sinestral Manor. A lot of vampirs are going in and out of there.

(Consider it done.))

S-progress Jelena

Let's see his notes.

This is the Sinestral Manor there...the device he describes could turn out hundreds of dementaliths.

Blast and damnation! With this they could wreak havoc all over Poporia—or beyond.

Okay. I found a way in, but it's a secret door slaved to royal blood. Lucky for us there's a little available! Find the countess's coffin and the count's coffin. They can donate to the cause.

I'll meet you at the Sinestral Manor. Bring plenty of blood!

(I'm on it.)

S-end Jelena

You bleed those blue-bloods? Well done.

I've got some bombs...and protection from that sanguine magic.

First to fight, first to drink! Let's go!

(For the federation!)

Summary Upon CompletionEdit

The vampirs' involvement with the dementalith dismayed Prefect Paka. He sent you to Vale of the Fang to help Jelena

discover the truth.

You unearthed a deal between vampir nobles and the cult to produce dementaliths in the Sinestral Manor. Jelena hatched a daring plan to enter the manor and halt productions.


  • 108000 XP
One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
unknown unknown Unknown [edit] unknown unknown Ducal Vest Bloodtell Bow unknown unknown unknown


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