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Building a Mystery
Start S-start Mattin
Level 22
Type Story
Money 60Silver
Experience 60,000



Summary Upon CompletionEdit

The Mysterium sought your help to foil the research the Scions of Lok were conducting. You found references to an ancient fountain, but stopped the Scions' leader—Tezluar—before they could finish what they were doing. Unfortunately, the Scions reacted forcefully and launched a massive assault on the Sanctum Mysterium. You protected ====Report to Inquisitor Mattin at the Sanctum Mysterium.====

Speak with Mattin and teleport together.Edit

  • Speak with Mattin again and defend him from attack.

Use the teleport option to teleport into a mini-instance and select "Protect Mattin as he works"

Located: Sanctum Mysterium, Celestial Hills

as he brought magical shields to bear and saved the sanctum.




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