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5man Dark Dreams Sundered
Start S-start Runha
Level 38
Type Story
Experience 600,000



Summary Upon CompletionEdit

A familiar face waited for you in Cultists' Refuge. JelenaJelena is a female Castanic quest-giver. She is particularly important in story quests and assists Elleon in a number of important missions to support the Valkyon Federation. She has a knack for popping up wherever she is required and likes to flirt with adventurers.

Jelena's style and allegiance to Elleon have made her somewhat unpopular with the justicars controlled by Samael. As a result, she spends a substantial amount of time in disguise, such as assuming the persona of Perina in Cutthroat Harbor.


greeted you with enthusiasm.

Elleon, however, was nowhere in sight, and Jelena explained that the team was split up by a mysterious force after using the teleportal.

Jelena also explained she was injured in the process and barely escaped with the help of her younger sister.

After Jelena ask you to help her sister, you learned Elleon had gone deeper in pursuit of Lok cultists.

You went after Elleon and infiltrated the Cultists' Refuge, then joined forces with Elleon and defeated Priestess Akia and her servant, Terkasia.

You then destroyed Samael's soul stone, with which Akia was planning to resurrect Samael.

This ended the conflict with the Cult of Lok.


600,000 xp

1,000 Hands of Velika Reputation

30 Hands of Velika Credits

1 Seal Deactivation Scroll

1 Honor & Obey (Warrior)