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Devan Uprising
Start S-start Automatically Obtained
End S-end Jodoc
Level 14
Type Story
Experience 8,400
Class-based item (see rewards section)


  • Daven - Report to Prefect Daven in Lumbertown.
  • Latton - Find Latton east of the Lumbertown Pegasus Platform.
  • Neacal - Go past the bridge and cave to Bulwark Camp in Oblivion Woods and report to Neacal.
  • Chama - Find Chama east of Bulwark Camp in Oblivion Woods.
  • Tuebenius (0/1) -
  • Neacal - Report to Neacal at Bulwark Camp in Oblivion Woods.
  • Jodoc - Report to Jodoc in Crescentia.


S-progress Daven

You're needed in Crescentia. Devan brigands are menacing trade routes into town, and the townspeople are afraid for their lives.

Take the northeast gate, and follow that road over the bridge.

Latton's on patrol near there, so he can help with directions to Oblivion Woods. Check in with Neacal when you get to Bulwark Camp.

["For the Federation"]

S-progress Latton

Bulwark Camp? Sure. I know how to get there.

Cross the bridge here, and follow the path to the cave. Head through there and follow the light. You'll see Bulwark Camp on your left as you come out.

Easy peasy.

["I'll find it!"]

S-progress Neacal

Welcome to Oblivion Woods. Your stay is certain to be bloody, I just hope it's THEIR blood.

The devas have choked off the route to Crescentia. Our job is to reopen the trade route and protect the town. If you go east from here you'll find my scout, Chama. He's going to need some help.

["I'm on my way."]

S-progress Chama

Neacal sent you? Outstanding! I could do this all by myself but we're supposed to share the glory and all that.

I'm stalking the Devan commander, a bloodthirsty cur called Tuebenius. He's clever and ruthless, and he's got to die.

He's northeast of here, not far at all. Kill him and the devas will be confused and unorganized. We can go in and mop up what's left!

["Consider him dead."]

S-progress Neacal

Tuebenius is dead? Outstanding! He was the mastermind behind their strategy. With him gone, we can break through to Crescentia.

You punch through their lines and find Jodoc in Crescentia. I'll send word to Daven.

Head up the hill, then take the next road you see going south.

["At once!"]

S-end Jodoc

It's good to see a new face. Means the road to Lumbertown is open again, or at least marginally passable. I take it we have you to thank?

The devas have been a bloody thorn in our sides for awhile. With soldiers like you to help us, we might push back and secure the woods.

You have my thanks!

["Thank you."]

Summary Upon CompletionEdit

The devas of Oblivion Woods were seizing control of the roads and threatening the town of Crescentia. Prefect Daven sent you from Lumbertown to help protect merchants and locals from the well-armed devan brigands. You defeated the deva's assault leader, Tuebenius, and secured the trade routes.


One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Eye of Oblivion Ineluctable Mace Staff of Shades



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