Discredit Where Credit Is Due
Start S-start Automatically Obtained
End S-end Samael
Level 27
Type Story
Experience 84,000
Class-based item (see rewards section)


  1. Jelena
    "Bruke has issued an execution order for the traitor, Jelena. Warn her instead."
  2. Bruke
    "Inform Bruke that Jelena has disappeared."
  3. Bruke
    "Talk to Bruke."
  4. Samael
    "Brief Commander Samael in Velika before Bruke's report reaches him."


This is part of the Insanity Epidemic story quest chain. It is preceded by the quest A Manor Invasion.


S-progress Jelena

What? Bruke issued an execution order? On me?

What a...charmer. "Bring me her head?" Who talks like that?

Believe me, I'm no traitor. I wish there was time to explain. Suffice it to say, justicars and rangers don't get along.

(What will you do?)

What can I do? Run, obviously.

Tell your superiors you couldn't find me. You won't even have to lie. Just close your eyes for the next five seconds.

Until we meet again, and you can bet we'll meet again.

(As you say...)

S-progress Bruke

What? You let her get away? You incompetent fool!

I don't care what you did in Sinestral Manor, this will strain your career as a soldier forever!

(No one's perfect.)

S-progress Bruke

I find it hard to believe she escaped without a trace. I think you're lying—I can see it in your eyes. My report will reflect that.

Well, you're a problem for General Samael now. Report to him immediately. Once he reads my report, you'll be lucky if you're not locked up as a traitor.

(I'll go gladly...sir.)

S-end Samael

I just read Bruke's report, <player name>. It says you let a known traitor escape.

On the other hand, it seems you were also instrumental in halting the instability there. How do I make sure you get what's coming to you? Decisions, decisions.

Well, you fulfilled your orders. That will have to do for now. In the future, however, if Bruke tells you to jump, you ask how high—and then jump even higher.


(I hope not to disappoint you, sir.)

Summary Upon CompletionEdit

Bruke issued an execution order on Jelena, and made you the executioner. Instead of bringing Bruke her head, you warned Jelena, who fled.

You returned to Samael in Velika just in time for him to read Bruke's scathing report on your activities in Popolion. You escaped punishment, but Samael seems to be watching you more closely than ever.


  • 84,000 XP
One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
unknown Unknown [edit] unknown Unknown [edit] unknown unknown Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Justicar's Boots Unknown [edit] unknown unknown unknown