Dwellers of the Island
Start Z-start Clovis
End Z-end Clovis
Level 3
Type Zone
Location Dulari's Camp
Experience 600
Class-based item (see rewards section)


  1. Terronite Terronite <0/8>
    "Collect terronite from the terrons."
    Source: Terron Chief, Terron
  2. "Deliver the terronite to Clovis."


Z-start Clovis

Terrons are primal spirits - although who knows why the titans dreamed them up.

In any event, terrons are particularly sensitive to magical currents. If we could examine them, it might shed some light on why we were attacked.

The terrons are gathered in small groups along the treeline. Kill them and collect the terronite they carry for study.

Z-end Clovis

This should be sufficient. And the incessant giggling has stopped - a welcome bonus.

Let us see. Leander demonstrated this did it go?

Ah! There we are. A simple test, but an illuminating one. The terrons bear corruption of dark magic.



You will receive:

One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Self-propelled Mower Recycle & Reuse Gnarled Messenger Whirlwisp Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit]



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