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Essence of Foreboding
Start S-start Eria
End S-end Leander
Level 8
Type Story
Previous [Lvl7] Traces of Darkness
Next [Lvl8] Live by the Sword
Money 1Silver 00Copper
Experience 1,000

Objectives Edit

  1. Core Essence Core Essence <0/6>
    "Obtain core essences from the ponderous sporewalkers."
    Source: Ponderous Sporewalker
  2. "Bring the essences to Eria."
  3. "Speak to Leander."


This is part of the The World of Tera story quest chain. It is preceded by the quest Elleon's Fate, then followed by the quest Live by the Sword.

Script Edit

S-start Eria

I need you to kill some sporewalkers and bring me their core essence. Sporewalkers are primal creatures of the world - very sensitive to magical changes.

I must know if the magic that affected Demonbane is affecting the island's denizens.

Done talking!

S-progress Eria

Nicely done! You're much easier to work with than Master Tall, Fair, and Brooding.

Let's see what these tell us... Oh, my!

I...can't do it! Nature's wrath, the power is too strong.

Someone's resisting me. It felt...ugly in my mind. All I sense is that it's coming from the east - perhaps from that hill.

I'm sorry. I don't want to let Leander down! I wanted to impress him by finding out more about Demonbane, but it's beyond my power.

S-end Leander

Someone resisted Eria's magical efforts? Interesting. We've seen movement atop that hill - we're calling them the Arun Heights.

A fine vantage point - precisely what a clever foe might choose. Now we know where to look!

Summary Upon CompletionEdit

Eria asked you to collect core essences from nearby sporewalkers for study. When she tried to compare the core essences to the corruption in Demonbane, someone resisted her efforts.

She was heartbroken at the prospect of letting Leander down, but Leander seemed pleased. You believe your foe can be found atop the Arun Heights.

Rewards Edit

  • 1000 XP
  • 1Silver 00Copper