From the Mouths of Scions
Start S-start Kamia
Level 18
Type Story
Location Oblivion Woods
Previous [Lvl17] Going on the Offensive
Next [Lvl21] Some Gave All
Experience 67,200
Reputation 300 Rep Hands of Velika
Credits 10 Credits Hands of Velika
Class-based item (see rewards section)


  1. Open the cabinet near the altar.
  2. Read the document from the cabinet.
  3. Tell Kamia about the records you read.
  4. Take a look at Scion Token.
  5. Talk to Kamia again.
  6. Enter the armory by teleportal.
  7. Listen to the cultist's conversations.
  8. Talk to Kamia again.
  9. Use teleportal to go to Vanguard Outpost.
  10. Talk to Primus Hendry.


S-start Kamia

Something's bothering me.
When Kantusa told us about the meeting she witnessed between Dakanius and Lok cultist, she said the cultist was a "high priestess".
Basenius ias a male, and the reavers and sorceres we killed were all male.
So where's the high priestess?

(Good question.)

And come to think of it, where are all the weapons? The cultists were supplying Dakanius with weapons, but there are none here. So where did they come from? They're sure didn't forge them here.
Let's look around here some more.

S-progress Kamia

That "Scion Token" you got from Dakanius is some sort of key to the teleportal...?
We should investigate this. Are you with me?

(Yes. Let's get to the bottom of this.)

S-progress Kamia

Look! The Scion Token not only makes the secret passage appear...but it unlocks it for us!
Let's get in there, before it closes!

(Slow down, Kamia. We need to be careful.)

No,'re right. I just got ahead of myself.
Although...I might have a solution: an invisibility potion!
There's only enough for one of us, though, and the duration is very short, so it'll have to be a quick reconnaissance, then straight back out.
You're better ar this than I am. Take the potion and head on in...and good luck!

(I'm ready. Let's go report in.)

S-progress Kamia

This "Tetra" must be the high priestess Kantusa told us about.
She already knew Tuebenius was this surprise assembly probably means she knows about Dakanius now, too.
I think it's time to report in. We've learned a lot.
Are you ready?

(Got it.)

S-end Hendry

Glad to have you back. Kamia was just telling me about what you found...and about Kantusa.
She'll be missed. She was a good scout, and a good friend.
Thanks for pitching in.

(I'm always happy to help wherever I'm needed.)


You will receive:

One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
Reclaimer's Hauberk
Valselok Gauntlets
Greaves of the Defender
Reclaimer's Jerkin
Valselok Grips
Boots of the Defender
Reclaimer's Robes
Valselok Handwraps
Slippers of the Defender