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From the Mouths of Scions
Start S-start Isla
Level 19
Type Story
Experience 16,800


Infiltrate the Bastion of LoK trough the armory by using the teleportal. Speak with the Scions of LoK to gather intelligence.


Summary Upon CompletionEdit

asked you to kill Dakarius—a Scion leader—and recover any clues about the location of the Scion stronghold. You killed Dakarius and recovered some Scion records that talk about using the teleportal.

You used the teleportal and found yourself in the Bastion of Lok 's armory—in Oblivion Woods! You talked to several cultists and learned that the Scions are stockpiling weapons and energy. They think they can resurrect Lok himself! You gave the information to Isla, who took it to Daven personally.


Robes of Conveyance

16.800 Exp.

300 Hands of Velika Reputation

10 HoV Credits



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