Going on the Offensive
Start S-start Kamia
End S-end Kamia
Level 17
Type Story
Previous [Lvl17] The Force Behind the Devans
Next [Lvl18] From the Mouths of Scions
Experience 57,600
Reputation +300 Rep Hands of Velika
Credits 10 Credits Hands of Velika Credits
Class-based item (see rewards section)


  1. Talk to Kamia
  2. Reaver of Resurrection<0/7>
    Ebonheart Sorcerer <0/7>
    Devan Archpriest
    Defeat Ebonheart Sorcerers, Reavers of Resurrection, and the Dark Priest
  3. Talk to Kamia


This is part of the Cultist's Conspiracy story quest chain. It is preceded by [Lvl17] The Force Behind the Devans and followed by [Lvl18] From the Mouths of Scions.


S-start Kamia

No. There are too many. We need reinforcements.

But I'm worried that if we go back for more troops, the devans and the cultists will scatter, and we'll be back to square one.

What do you think we should do, [player name]?

S-progress Kamia

Okay, then. Let's do this!

If we are to succeed, we need to kill Reavers of Resurrection and Ebonheart Sorcerers, as well as their leader...a real beast, named Basenius!

(Got it.)

S-end Kamia

That does it. There are still plenty of these cultist, but without Basenius and his alliance with the devas, they're not much of a threat.

Once again, [player name], you've done Crescentia and Lumbertown an immeasurable service. Thank you.

(All in a day's work.)

Summary Upon CompletionEdit

With Kamia's help, [player name] killed several cultists, weakening the devan force.


One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Lokglaive Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit]