Into the Gorge
Start S-start Riel
End S-end Sersine
Level 9
Type Story
Previous [Lvl7] Redeployment
Next [Lvl10] Strange Attractors
Money 1Silver 00Copper
Experience 1,000

Objectives Edit

  1. "Be on the lookout for Phaedra in the Tainted Gorge."
  2. "Report to Sersine at the Tainted Gorge Outpost."

Notes Edit

This is part of the To the Tainted Gorge story quest chain. It is preceded by the quest Redeployment, and followed by the quest Strange Attractors.

Script Edit

S-start Riel

Head down into the gorge, <player name>, but keep an eye out for Phaedra. She's my best infiltrator, and she should be somewhere where she can monitor the roads.

Whatever the enemy's up to, she'll probably know it. Good luck and take the field!

S-progress Phaedra

What'd they do? Rip you out of training? Oh. They did?

Well, let me give you the gold piece tour. This is enemy territory, and there's a lot of them. Demons of every shape and size. They seem to be searching for something, but I don't know what.

Head west. You'll see a small outpost at the base of the hill. Talk to Sersine and do what you can for her!

S-end Sersine

We're grateful for any assistance, of course.

The demons and their allies are indeed hunting for something - and are a bit further along than we are. They know what they're after.

Perhaps it's time we disrupted their plans...

Summary Upon Completion Edit

Prefect Riel ordered you to look into the whereabouts of the advance party. Upon arriving at the entrance to Tainted Gorge, you met with Scout Phaedra and learned that the advance party is safe and sound. Phaedra then said you should go to the Tainted Gorge Outpost to receive new assignments from Sersine.

Rewards Edit

  • 1000 XP
  • 1Silver 00Copper

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