Joining the Ranks
Start S-start Troius
End S-end Samael
Level 11
Type Story
Next [Lvl12] Strife in the Fey Forest
Money 3Silver 00Copper
Experience 3000


  1. "Report to Uriela in front of the Valkyon Federation Headquarters."
  2. "Meet with Commander Seir."
  3. "Speak with Commander Seir."
  4. "Speak with Commander Samael."

Notes Edit

This is the first part of the Valkyon Wants You story quest chain. It is followed by the quest Strife in the Fey Forest.


S-start Troius

<Player name>, you did fine work on the Island of Dawn. Commander Seir is anxious to speak with you. Head to the federation's headquarters and find Uriela.

She'll point you in the right direction. Good luck.

S-progress Uriela

<Player name>? I've heard that name, haven't I? Oh! Yes, you're one of the recruits who helped out on the island! So peculiar, that island....

Ah, forgive me. I'm losing track of myself. Please go in. Commander Seir is expecting you.

S-progress Seir

<Player name>? Delighted to meet a young soldier with your gumption!

With the situation in Arcadia province, and soldiers so thin on the ground this far from the argon front, we need more people who can take initiative.

Let me formally welcome you to the ranks of the Valkyon Federation!

(Cutscene introducing Velika and the problem of the soldier distribution.)

Tales of your heroics on the Island of Dawn spread quickly, <player name>. The federation needs you now more than ever. Are you ready for new orders?

(Yes, sir!)

Splendid. Commander Samael will handle your next deployment. It was good to meet you, Chieko. I look forward to reading reports of your exploits!

(Cutscene of the player's first meeting with Samael.)

S-end Samael

Look, you did fine - if killing a bunch of piglings counts as a battle. Around here we've got real problems that need real soldiers. We've got rebellion in Arcadia, and no supplies coming from the north.

If you're not up to it, you put lives at risk. Gotta keep your eye on the big picture. It takes more than luck to make a soldier.

Summary upon Completion Edit

You've become an official federation soldier. You were summoned to Velika to meet Commander Seir, the commander of the Valkyon Federation's forces.

Seir was impressed with you and welcomed you formally into federation service, but the real power pusher of the military, Commander Samael, doesn't seem impressed with you. He dismissed your accomplishments as mere luck.

Rewards Edit

  • 3Silver 00Copper
  • 3000 XP