Joining the Ranks
Start S-start Getty
End S-end Samael
Level 11
Type Story
Location Velika
Previous [Lvl11] Inventory Trick
Next [Lvl12] Isolated Town
Money 15Silver 00Copper
Experience 23,000
Reputation +100 Rep Hands of Velika
Credits 5 Credits Hands of Velika Credits
Class-based item (see rewards section)


  1. Report to Uriela in front of the Valkyon Federation Headquarters
  2. Meet with Commander Seir
  3. Speak with Commander Seir
  4. Speak with Commander Samael

Notes Edit

This is part of the Valkyon Wants You story quest chain. It is preceded by [Lvl11] Inventory Trick and followed by [Lvl12] Isolated Town.


S-start Getty

Need more inventory slots? I'm sorry to say that they are not free anymore!

Oh, you're looking for Valkyon Federation Headquarters? You can see it right there at the back.

Ask Uriela that you would like to see the Commander.

Also, you can come to me anytime if you need more inventory.

S-progress Uriela

[Player name]? Why does that sound familiar? Oh, right! You're one of the recruits from the island! I was just looking at your paperwork.

Go ahead in. You're to report to...Commander Seir.

S-progress Seir

[Player name]...from the isaland...

Right,right. The [player class] from the island...

So! Welcome to the Valkyon Federation! Your records are sparse, but you impressed Captain Dougal, so I'm sending you to Arcadia province. Our most experienced soldiers are serving on the argon front, leaving us nothing but raw recruits to protect our settlers in the Fey Forest. So when I find someone who can take initiative, I take notice.

Now, let me bring you up to speed on the situation...

S-progress Seir

So you see, [player name], that it's not all front lines and glorious battle. The federation needs troops on a variety of fronts, as best suits their capabilities. Once you've proven yourself in Arcadia, we can talk about giving you somewhat more...glamorous assignments.

Are you ready to carry out your assignment?

(Yes, sir|)

Splendid. Commander Samael has your deployment orders. It was good to meet you, [player name]. I expect good things from you!

S-end Samael

You know, I just came from the Island od Dawn...and I don't remember seeing you there.

Oh, well...all new recruits look alike to me, anyway. Now listen up: Our settlers in Arcadia are in constant danger. The fey are acting up, refugees are flooding into Lumbertown, and we can't get supplies or medicine out there fast enough.

I'll be honest: It's a backwater posting. But prove to me you've got the initiative Dougal says you do, and I'll see to it you get into the thick of things, fast. What do you say?

Summary upon CompletionEdit

You've become an official federation soldier. Upon arriving in Velika you were ordered to meet Commander Seir, the commander of the Valkyon Federation's forces.

Seir was impressed with you and welcomed you formally into federation service, but the real power pusher of the military, Commander Samael, doesn't seem impressed with you. He dismissed your accomplishments as mere luck.

Rewards Edit

One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
Outrider's Chestpiece

Demonslayer Fists
Decurion's Greaves

Sentry's Jerkin

Demonslayer Mitts
Decurion's Boots

Outrider's Robes
Demonslayer Handwraps
Decurion's Shoes