Keep Off the Grass
Start D-start Arisel
End D-end Kurda
Level 60 (Requires 58)
Type Daily
Location Balder's Refuge
Money 12Gold
Reputation +700 Rep Hyderad Legacy
Credits 20 Credits Hyderad Legacy


  1. Go to Kurda at Camp Curiosity.
  2. One of the following:
  1. Go back to Kurda.


D-start Arisel

The Lower Archive's golems are acting up again.

Kurda knows which ones.

D-progress Kurda

Not all the guardians of the gods put here work right.

Some didn't shut down like the others. Some just slipped a gear.

Today, this one's in my way.

D-end Kurda

For Argent Soulkeeper
Think that one guarded the archive vaults.
Must not even realize they're gone!
For Brass Warden
Thing's just pruning the wrong things, is all.
Can't find its base to reprogram it.
For Remorseless Sentinel
Used to be tons of those. When the refuge reopened, they just went away.
A few won't stay away, though.


You will receive:



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