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Killing Trees to Save Them
Start D-start Arisel
End D-end Meiga
Level 60 (Requires 58)
Type Daily
Location Balder's Refuge
Money 13Gold
Reputation +750 Rep Hyderad Legacy
Credits 25 Credits Hyderad Legacy


  1. Find Meiga in Bastion.
  2. One of the following:
  1. Conservator Report x1
    Deliver the missing report to Meiga in Bastion.


D-start Arisel

The federation supports us here because we track wildlife and plants for the Mysterium

No reports, no support. Meiga is missing one. Help him get it.

D-progress Meiga

Hmph. If Arisel wants her reports on time, we should recruit baraka.

Aah, here's the slowpoke. Probably just lost track of time.

D-progress Romin

Here's the report.

Between the golems and the sloth-infested ruins, I had no idea how to send it in!

D-end Meiga

And that's the last one for today.

I imagine it's not like this in the army, eh?


You will receive:



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