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Killing Trees to Save Them
Start D-start Arisel
End D-end Meiga
Level 58
Type Daily
Location Balder's Refuge
Money 4Gold 68Silver
Reputation 750 Rep Hyderad Legacy
Credits 25 Credits Hyderad Legacy


  1. Find Meiga in Bastion.
  2. Look for Bahab near Serena.
  3. Look for Romin near the High Vale.
  4. Look for Maahru in the High Vale.
  5. Look for Kuren in the High Vale.
  6. Look for Ugru in the Arkai Perch.
  7. Look for Simun on the Archive Grounds.
  8. Deliver the missing report to Meiga in Bastion.


D-start Arisel

The federation supports us here because we track wildlife and plants for the Mysterium
No reports, no support. Meiga is missing one. Help him get it.

D-progress Meiga

Hmph. If Arisel wants her reports on time, we should recruit baraka.
Aah, here's the slowpoke. Probably just lost track of time.

D-progress Romin

Here's the report.
Between the golems and the sloth-infested ruins, I had no idea how to send it in!

D-end Meiga

And that's the last one for today.
I imagine it's not like this in the army, eh?


You will receive:


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