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"It's a graveyard for the arrogant..." --Barakavec (249)
This article is about removed content, an article of a subject that is no longer available in TERA and very unlikely to ever return due to development decisions. The article remains here for historical purposes.
Live by the Sword
Start S-start Leander
End S-end Leander
Level 8
Type Story
Previous [Lvl7] Traces of Darkness
Next [Lvl8] Acharak Attacks
Money 1Silver 00Copper
Experience 1,000
Item(s) Slaying Rhomb

Objectives Edit

  1. "Check in with Kirash somewhere south of Leander's Outpost.
  2. Q scrollseal Clue to Orcan Plans
    "Kill a dark marauder and look for clues."
    Source: Dark Marauder
  3. "Deliver the document to Kirash."
  4. "Report to Leander at the outpost."

Notes Edit

This is part of the The World of Tera story quest chain. It is preceded by the quest Traces of Darkness, then followed by the quest Acharak Attacks.

Script Edit

S-start Leander

Orcans have some magic, but nothing of the level we're encountering. There's something else we're missing here.

(Perhaps the orcans have allies.)

Exactly. Not just any ally, but someone more than magically adept. Kirash is keeping watch on the orcan bivouacs. Speak with him and find out if he knows anything about this.

S-progress Kirash

Oh, we're watching the orcans, but they're not what's interesting. Look out there - see those bird-headed creatures with the large staves?

(Bird heads?)

Those are mekonaris and most of them are magical adepts. Who knows why these dark marauders are working with the orcans, but it won't be to our benefit.

We must remain at our post, but sneak closer and capture or kill one of the marauders. Perhaps there are clues to be found.

(Yes, sir!)

S-progress Kirash

A scroll, eh? Intriguing. With luck it's their operational plans.

Bah! This scrawl is illegible. Let Leander earn his reputation. Take it to him, <player name>.

(Right away!)

S-end Leander

Marauders? More like carrion eaters. What are they after? Why are they here? Let us look closely at that scroll.

It's not scrawl, it's demonic script. It's hard to translate, but one description is familiar. The rift to the east - we call it the Tainted Gorge. The mekonaris' master is there.

Summary Upon Completion Edit

Though Leander didn't believe the orcans capable of the magical feats necessary to corrupt Demonbane, he wasn't willing to make assumptions.

He dispatched you to the south, where you spoke with Kirash, who explained about the presence of merkonari marauders — magical mercenaries.

You crept into the bivouac, killed the dark marauder, and escaped with a scroll of demonic script. Leander translated part of it and learned the location of the mastermind — in the Tainted Gorge.