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"It's a graveyard for the arrogant..." --Barakavec (254)
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Making the Rounds
Start S-start Lam
End S-end Adria
Level 1
Type Story
Location Timeless Woods
Previous [Lvl1] Dawn's Twilight
Next [Lvl4] The Secret Life of Trees
Money 60Copper
Experience 600
Class-based item (see rewards section)


  1. "Check in with Kishale at the Northern Checkpoint."
  2. "Check in with Dulari at his camp."


This is part of the "The World of Tera" story quest chain. It was originally preceded by [Lvl1] Dawn's Early Light, but is now preceded by [Lvl1] Dawn's Twilight. It is followed by the quest The Secret Life of Trees.


S-start Lam

Axelle and I are due to rotate home soon, but Adria still insists that we report in on a regular basis. So congratulations, your first orders are as follows:

Take a quick headcount on the Tower Base, and tell Tribune Adria we're all fine.

Although, I haven't seen Elleon in some time, so if you see an elf with a bad attitude and a long, black scarf, tell him he's overdue for a check-in.

"Check in with the commanders of each encampment, and then report to Tribune Adria."–Lam

S-progress Kishale

A new recruit? How puzzling.

You are welcome here, of course. This checkpoint's mission is to protect the dock from the local wildlife. Specifically ghilliedhus, but we stand against all threats.

Travel along this road to Dulari's Camp, and dispatch a few ghilliedhus along the way.

Take care, though. Many new recruits have fallen to their sharp claws.

(I can do that.)

S-end Dulari

Hmm, those claws. You've been hunting ghilliedhus, haven't you?

Elleon said something about cleaning them up at the source, but I haven't seen him for a while.

Well done, recruit!


Summary Upon CompletionEdit

After arriving at the Island of Dawn as a raw recruit, Legate Lam asked you to check in with the remaining commanders on your way to the Tower Base.

On the way to Dulari's Camp, you had your first encounter with the animate tree spirits called ghilliedhus.


  • 60Copper
  • 600 XP
One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
Dawnbreaker Unknown [edit] Rude Awakening Unknown [edit] Mourninglory Rise & Shine Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Dayspring Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit]

Patch Changes Edit

Old ScriptEdit

S-start Lam

You and Axelle survived that stormy beach. You know who else did? Kishale, just on the other side of the bridge.

Kishale and Axelle avoid each other, and they avoid talking about what happened. But if you get either of them talking about Elleon, they briefly forget to feel sorry for themselves.

Ask Kishale about Elleon, and you'll see what I mean. Besides, it'd do her good to see a new face. She's gotta be tired of looking at me and Barsabba all the time.

S-progress Kishale

The shipwreck, the storm, and the demons could not claim us, [player name]. That beach will always be seared in our memories.

Remember how proud we all were? The first expedition counted some of the brightest and bravest among its ranks. We were so proud - and excited - to be chosen by Elleon himself for this mission.

The storm and shipwrecks claimed most of us, and the demons claimed all but a handful of the rest.

You and I were in that handfull. Some say Elleon survived, but my doubt ovetakes my hope. Continue up the road and speak to Dulari. Perhaps he can say why we were attacked.

S-progress Dulari

Got any samples? I need more samples to confirm my hypothesis. No?

It's like this, [player name] - I don't think we were attacked randomly. I think someone used magic to drive creatures against us en masse! I keep finding traces of it in the bodies I've studied.

Neziir can tell you more about the fight.

S-progress Neziir

The battle? Beasts, ghilliedhus - even demons - came at us all at once. We barely had a chance.

Elleon and some of the others fought a holding action so we could get the researchers to safety. When it was over, they were gone.

It's up to us to make sure their deaths count for something. This is our island now. We paid for it - in blood.

Shouldn't keep Adria waiting, soldier. Keep moving!

S-end Adria

You're a sight for sore eyes, <player class>. We need all the help we can get.

You've heard about the battle, but do you know why's everyone fighting over this place?

We believe there are ancient relics that once belonged to the titans - Arun and Shara! All the researchers agree the island itself is inherently magical. That might explain why the others are so intent on taking it from us.

We've much to do. Speak with Jorhon and get to it.

Past RewardsEdit

One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
Signing Bonus Hauberk Signing Bonus Cuirass Signing Bonus Tunic