Pulling Back the Veil
Start S-start Automatically Obtained
End S-end Kamia
Level 16
Type Story
Location Oblivion Woods
Previous [Lvl16] Sinister Ritual
Next [Lvl17] The Force Behind the Devans
Experience 37,000
Item(s) Ancient Whisper x 2
Reputation +200 Rep Hands of Velika
Credits 5 Credits Hands of Velika Credits


  1. Talk to Kamia again
  2. Kill devan brigands and rescue Kantusa
  3. Talk to Kantusa at the rendezvous
  4. Talk to Kamia
  5. Defeat Dakanius in the Devan Encampment
  6. Show Dakaniu's token to Kamia

Notes Edit

This is the last part of the Valkyon Wants You story quest chain. It is preceded by [Lvl16] Sinister Ritual. The player can immediately initiate the next story quest chain Cultist's Conspiracy, by grabbing the quest [Lvl17] The Force Behind the Devans.


S-progress Kamia you hear that? It sounds like someone moening...

(It's coming from over there)

It's Kantusa! She's been captured!

The devas must've found out she's not one of them! We have to rescue her!

Let's go!

(I'm on my way)

S-progress Kantusa

Thank you so much for coming, but it's too late. You can't save me. Get out of yourself!

But listen: This is important: Dakanius...he's...

(We're not leaving you behind!)

S-progress Kantusa

I won't make it out...out of Deva Silva. You have to...deliver my report.

Dakanius...he's in league...with cultists...

...cultists of Lok!

(Are you sure? Tell me what happened.)

Dakanius must be...stopped. He was headed...north...of Deva Silva...

(Don't try to talk. We'll patch you up.)

Don't waste...your time...

I'll just...slow you down.

You can't...let Dakanius...get away...

Promise me you'll stop him!

(Don't try to talk. We'll patch you up.)

S-progress Kamia

She was my best friend. We've known each other since we were children.

(I'm so sorry, Kamia. She was very brave.)

We have to kill Dakanius.

If you don't help me, I'll do it alone.

If even half of what Kantusa told us is accurate - if Dakanius is in league with the cult of Lok - he has to be stopped!

If we hurry, if we activate the Arcessolith and call Dakanius out of his stronghold, we'll take him by surprise.

Say you'll help me, [player name].

(You can count on me.)

S-end Kamia

You did it, [player name]. Thank you.

Now Kantusa will be able to rest in peace...

What's that you found? Some kind of token?

(Dakanius dropped it when he died.)

This...this has the symbol of Lok on it!

Kantusa was right! The devas are in league with the cult of Lok...and this proves it!

(I'm glad I could help.)

Summary Upon CompletionEdit

[player name] discovered that the devas had learned that Kantusa was a spy, and she barely escaped with her life. Kamia and [player name] rescued Kantusa, but she died shortly after - but not before revealing that the devan raiders were in league with a group of cultists worshipping Lok. [player name] killed Dakanius so that Kantusa wouldn't have died in vain.


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