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Pulling Back the Veil
Start S-start Altarius
Level 15
Type Story
Experience 12,000



Summary Upon CompletionEdit

You were called upon to kill a devan warlord named Dakanius and find a young scout named Kantusa, who'd infiltrated devan territory.

You found Kantusa gravely wounded. She told you the devas were working with the Scions of Lok. You ventured into Deva Silva and killed Dakanius and encountered the same group you faced in Scarwood and the Island of Dawn—though you still don't know what they're after.



March 06 2013 - Some players may encounter a bug which dosen't allow the option to continue when talking to the quest giver, or dosn't allow you to click the Stealth Menhir statue to summon the mob, this has in most cases been fixed by logging in and out a few times.


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