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Ride Off Into the Sunset
Start S-start Adria
End S-end Troius
Level 11
Type Story
Previous [Lvl11] Dark Revelations
Experience 1500
Class-based item (see rewards section)


  1. "Speak to Councilor Teil."
  2. "Speak to Taleb at the Pegasus Platform."
  3. "Speak to Flight Master Leiyane."
  4. "Take the pegasus to Velika, then speak with Lexxia."
  5. "Speak to Troius."

Notes Edit

This is the last part of the To the Tainted Gorge story quest chain. It is preceded by the quest Dark Revelations. The player can immediately initiate the next story quest chain, Valkyon Wants You, by grabbing the quest Joining the Ranks from Troius.


S-start Adria

Word is spreading about everything you've done for us here, <player name>. And it's reaching some very well-connected ears.

Report to Councilor Teil. He's eager to talk to you.

S-progress Teil

In the name of the Valkyon Federation, I'd like to extend our thanks for everything you've done. Adria, Sersine, and Leander speak quite highly of you.

The federation needs good soldiers elsewhere, however. With Karascha's death, we can make do here. It's time for you to go to Velika!

Find Taleb at the base of the pegasus platform on the eastern cliffs. He'll see to

S-progress Taleb

I've been expecting you, <player name>. Ever ridden a pegasus? Oh, that's right...when you first arrived.

Well, I promise you the experience never gets dull. It's not cheap, but exhiliration never is!

Flight Master Leiyane will get you saddled up.

S-progress Leiyane

We usually use the pegasus for long distances - like back to the mainland and the capital, Velika.

Just click the Flight button and choose your destination. It's that easy! For your first trip, you can select Velika as your destination.

Oh, and please turn off any magical devices until you've reached your cruising altitude.

S-progress Lexxia

Welcome to Velika, City of Wheels! I don't know what you've done for the federation, but it's enough to have a legate personally waiting for you.

Legate Troius is just ahead and seems most anxious to speak with you.

S-end Troius

Hail, <player name>! Commander Seir asked me to personally welcome you to Velika. We're grateful for your tremendous efforts on the Island of Dawn.

It's recruits like you who will guide the Valkyon Federation to a brighter future!

Summary Upon CompletionEdit

Adria and Teil thanked you for your valorous service, but said your skills are needed elsewhere.

They directed you to the flight master, who put you on a pegasus and sent you on a dizzying flight to Velika, where Legate Troius personally welcomed you!

Rewards Edit

One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
Unknown [edit] Sentry's Jerkin Outrider's Robes