Scarier Crows
Start D-start Akma
End D-end Bakra
Level 60 (Requires 58)
Type Daily
Location Balder's Refuge
Money 12Gold
Reputation +700 Rep Hyderad Legacy
Credits 20 Credits Hyderad Legacy


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  1. Find Bakra in Bastion.
  2. One of the following:
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Strylik Iskaragard
Strylik Iskaragard2

Located far north from Bastion. This mob is on top of the temple where the Tombstone of the Sun God is located. x1
"Find and destroy the strylik iskaragard."

  1. Return to Bakra.


D-start Akma

Something only you can do, [Name].

Not all the guardian machines of the Refuge shut down when they should have. Bakra will direct you.

D-progress Bakra

For Strylik Iskaragard
Just the [class] I need!
The gods put this place off limits when Balder died. Put machines in here that build iskaragards. They all shut down when the gods allowed us back in.
Almost all. An iskaragard almost killed me this morning. Can you hunt it down?

D-end Bakra

For Strylik Iskaragard
Can't prune the vines if that thing cuts me in two.

You're a great help, [Name].


You will receive: