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Shakan, Not Stirred
Start S-start Raeren
Level 40
Type Story
Experience 660,000



Summary Upon CompletionEdit

Blightwood was the site where Shakan, the Beastlord is one of the gods of Arborea in The Exiled Realm of Arborea.

It is currently unknown if he was one of the original twelve gods or not. He was said to be Balder's ally and bodyguard, and after Lok's murder of Balder, he killed Lok at the Timeless Woods of Essenia, Shara continent. It is said that he despises Thulsa.

Shakan also is mentioned in a variety form of references throughput the game, such of an item being named after his possession Shakan's Bloodstone Necklace and in form of blessing, the Priest's Shakan's Blessing. slew

during the Divine War. Lok's blood tainted the forest and unleashed countless angry spirits.

The Mysterium constructed an amelioration agent that you used to push back the desolation.

You recovered Thulsa's Bracelet–a relic that could amplify Lok's energy–from the dread wraith, Gaist, but you could not use it without the power of Shakan.

Rewards: Edit

660,000 xp

Glove level 39 of your class



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