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Sic Semper Proditores
Start S-start Perina
Level 32
Type Story
Experience 576,000



Summary Upon CompletionEdit

JelenaJelena is a female Castanic quest-giver. She is particularly important in story quests and assists Elleon in a number of important missions to support the Valkyon Federation. She has a knack for popping up wherever she is required and likes to flirt with adventurers.

Jelena's style and allegiance to Elleon have made her somewhat unpopular with the justicars controlled by Samael. As a result, she spends a substantial amount of time in disguise, such as assuming the persona of Perina in Cutthroat Harbor.


said that Samael's spies had infiltrated Cutthroat Harbor and must be killed before they could report back to him.

With the help of soldiers from the Kaia's Sword regiment, you identified who Samael's Justicars were and eliminated them.

All 3 spies look like a human NPC and have the name Ragett. You have to be directly facing them when you use the flask.

You can wait for one of the Ragetts to respawn and hit him again if you need to.


576,000 EXP

Infiltrator's Gauntlets

700 Hands of Velika REP

20 Hands of Velika Credits