Strange Attractors
Start S-start Verus
End S-end Verus
Level 10
Type Story
Previous [Lvl7] Redeployment
Next [Lvl11] Putting the Pieces Together
Money 1Silver 80Copper
Experience 1,800

Objectives Edit

  1. Suspicious Object Suspicious Object <0/10>
    "Collect evidence from dark raiders and ebon imps in the eastern part of the gorge."
    Source: Dark Raider, Devoted Ebon Imp
  2. "That should be more than enough. Report to Verus with what you've found."

Notes Edit

This is part of the To the Tainted Gorge story quest chain. It is preceded by the quest Redeployment, and followed by the quest Putting the Pieces Together.

Script Edit

S-start Verus

If you want to make a difference here, you need to recognize opportunities when they come your way. To the east there's a group of creatures we need to know more about.

Dark raiders rarely travel without minions, and they seem to be chummy with those wandering cultists. Find out why, and report back right away!

S-end Verus

Hmmm... This is Lok's token! What? It looks as if it was recently made.

The demons that disappeared when Lok went missing have appeared again with Lok's token... Oh, no....

Does this mean Lok has returned?

(Lok's return?)

Lok will return some day. And the world will be filled with Lok's blessings...

It's the belief of the Dark devas. I've heard that there are insane people even on the continent who believe such nonsense. Hmmm...this is strange. Well, I must first report this to Sersine. Good job.

Summary Upon Completion Edit

Demons called dark raiders have started to appear in the eastern part of Tainted Gorge.

These demons are servants of the evil god Lok and have not been seen above ground since Lok walked the world. Verus asked you to eliminate the dark raiders and ascertain the reason behind their sudden appearance. You find Lok's token and delivered it to Verus, who recalled a legend about Lok's return. Perhaps there's a correlation between Tainted Gorge and that legend.

Rewards Edit

  • 1Silver 80Copper
  • 1800 XP

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