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Strife in the Fey Forest
Start S-start Samael
End S-end Verus
Level 12
Type Story
Previous [Lvl11] Joining the Ranks
Next [Lvl13] Faeries in a Fix
Money 7Silver 00Copper
Experience 7000
Class-based item (see rewards section)

Objectives Edit

  1. "Speak with Commander Samael."
  2. "Meet Legate Troius at the Velika Travel Control Office."
  3. "Speak to Adela at the pegasus platform."
  4. "Speak to Daven in Lumbertown."
  5. "Speak to Klaon in the refugee camp."
  6. "Gather artful gracebloom across the northern bridge from Lumbertown."
  7. "Bring the gracebloom to Klaon."
  8. "Get the potions from Klaon."
  9. "Take the potion to a sick refugee."
  10. "Offer the potion to a sick refugee."
  11. "Offer the potion to a sick refugee."
  12. "Offer the potion to a sick refugee."
  13. "Report back to Klaon."
  14. "Deliver potion to Verus at the Woodcutter Palisade."

Notes Edit

This is part of the Valkyon Wants You story quest chain. It is preceded by the quest Joining the Ranks, and followed by the quest Quest:Faeries in a Fix.


S-start Automatically Obtained

"[Mission Orders]

The fey races in Arcadia are assaulting loggers and disrupting timber shipments bound for Velika.

Report to Garrison Commander Samael.

S-progress Samael

Took your time getting here, <player class>. You have a problem with authority?

If so, get over it.

I'm sending you to Arcadia province immediately. The fey races are attacking loggers, and we haven't seen a supply wagon in days.

Troius will tell you what you need to know to get to Lumbertown. Get moving!

S-progress Troius

The fastest way to Lumbertown is by pegasus, and if I know Samael, the fastest way is what you want. Adela's the flight master. You probably met her when you landed. She'll get you in the saddle.

S-progress Adela

Ready to ride?

Click on Flight Points to open up the map of Southern Arun, and select the place you want to go to on the map.

You want Lumbertown, right? That's north of here.

Summary Upon Completion Edit

Lumbertown was reeling under an onslaught of refugees from the Fey Forest and Oblivion Woods. The fey races from the Fey Forest were in revolt against the woodcutters, and there were even rumors of dark sorcery in Scarwood.

Rewards Edit

One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
Decurion's Greaves Decurion's Boots Decurion's Shoes