5man The Harbinger of Annihilation
Start S-start Teleportal
End S-end ??
Level 59
Type Story
Location Kelsaik's Nest
Shareable No
Experience 9,100,000
Item(s) Riftrock Earring x1


  1. Enter Kelsaik's Nest
  2. Destroy Kelsaik x1


Quest DescriptionEdit

Thulsa's teleportal goes to a pocket dimension called "Kelsaik's Nest." Brace yourself before you enter.


You will receive:


  • Kelsaik is currently the hardest normal mode encounter in NA/EU versions. Come prepared with a lot of potions, resurrection scrolls and charms.
  • It is advised to not perform this dungeon at level 58 when it is obtainable, but rather wait until level 60 and better gear is obtained.


Quest ProgressionEdit

Beast of DestructionEdit

Patch HistoryEdit

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