The Mystery Deepens
Start S-start Jesper
End S-end Elleon
Level 29
Type Story
Experience 144,000
Class-based item (see rewards section)


  1. "Find the teleportal in the Halls of Utterdark in the Tenebrous Mines."
  2. "Use the teleportal to reach the hidden tunnel. Then find the Black Hood."
  3. Elleon
    "Attack the Black Hood, then speak to Elleon."
  4. Bruke
    "Report to Bruke in Chebika."
  5. Samael
    "Report to Samael in Velika."
  6. "Go outside Headquarters."
  7. Elleon
    "Find Elleon around Collegium Arcane."


This is part of the Phantom Menace story quest chain. It is preceded by the quest These Aren't the Weapons We're Looking For, and is followed by the quest Enemies in the Midst.


S-start Jesper

Now that we have the weapons, we have to cut off the source. We've heard about someone they call the Black Hood—an infamous arms smuggler. I tracked him down while you were gone. If you go through the teleportal in the Halls of Utterdark, you'll find him.

Kill the Black Hood and report to Bruke in Chebika when the deed is done.

(As ordered.)

Listen closely, <player name>. Above all else, at any cost, you are to kill the Black Hood—no matter who it is. They're a threat to the federation. If Samael wasn't watching out for us, they'd probably have half our enemies encamped outside Velika's gates.

Do your duty. Take the Black Hood out!

S-progress Elleon

It was a trap! Blast! Another wager lost to Jelena.

Here's what we'll do. Report back and tell them that the Black Hood got away. Don't let on that you know who I am. Let's see how they react, what their next move is.

We'll meet up again in Velika.

(I've got it.)

S-progress Bruke

You what? Missed him?! You missed and he got away? How? Why aren't you badly wounded?

You've done it now. General Samael will have your guts for garters.

Get out of here and report back to the general.

(I've got it.)

S-progress Samael

He's not dead?! Did Lupus not make it clear that we needed you to kill him? This was our opportunity.

(Well, I did destroy the supply base.)

Bah! Like that matters.

Just...just get out! Damn!

(Thank you.)

S-end Elleon

He was angry, was he? Even though you destroyed the entire supply base, such as it was?

It's as I thought, then. He was targeting me. The "supply base" was a ruse!

That means we're on the right path, though. Samael's protecting the Scions of Lok—but why?

(Perhaps he's been bribed?)

Doubtful. Samael's a brute, but he considers himself honorable. He'd never accept a bribe, though that doesn't mean he isn't getting something out of an arrangement.

We need proof, if we're to get to the bottom of this. The investigation will continue, but remain cautious. Samael's suspicions will not be easily allayed in the future.


Summary Upon CompletionEdit

Justicars ordered you to kill the weapons supplier hiding in the Tenebrous Mines.

You pursued the hooded figure, but when you caught him, the hypnotic energy permeated the room and you fought! Before you could finish the Black Hood, JelenaJelena is a female Castanic quest-giver. She is particularly important in story quests and assists Elleon in a number of important missions to support the Valkyon Federation. She has a knack for popping up wherever she is required and likes to flirt with adventurers.

Jelena's style and allegiance to Elleon have made her somewhat unpopular with the justicars controlled by Samael. As a result, she spends a substantial amount of time in disguise, such as assuming the persona of Perina in Cutthroat Harbor.


intervened and you discovered the Black Hood to be none other than a hypnotized Elleon.

The supply base in the Tenebrous Mines was an elaborate ruse to kill Elleon, and you were to do the dark deed.

In Velika, you were chastised by Samael, who clearly wanted Elleon dead.


  • 144,00 XP
One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
unknown Unknown [edit] unknown Unknown [edit] unknown unknown Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Deception Piercer Unknown [edit] unknown unknown unknown