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The Traitor of Acarum
Start S-start Automatically Obtained
Level 42
Type Story
Experience 675,000



Summary Upon CompletionEdit

Fraya, commander of Allemantheia's forces and Kaidun's lover, sent you to Acarum to find out what or who was behind the rebel army attacking there. While it seemed to be Kaidun himself leading the attacks, Fraya believed someone else was inciting rebellion. You discovered strange controller crystals embedded in the rebels' necks. Using those crystals, you obtained an antidote to remove the curse from Kaidun's henchman, Ghufran, who informed you that the real Kaidun was dragged away by Thulsa. The man people believed was Kaidun was actually Thulsa's servant in disguise. By killing him, you proved Kaidun's innocence.


Brumal Gloves x1

675,000 XP