These Aren't the Weapons We're Looking For
Start S-start Samael
End S-end Jesper
Level 28
Type Story
Experience 120,000
Class-based item (see rewards section)

"Take the pegasus from Velika to Chebika and meet."

  1. Kusbert
    "Find Kusbert on the road to the Tenebrous Mines."
  2. Lupus
    "Speak with Lupus on the Foreman's Outlook."
  3. Dig Journal <0/5>
    "Eliminate the Zombie Slaves in the Halls of Gloom and collect any momentos."
  4. Dig Journal <5/5>
    "Deliver the dig journal to Ruanal, who is hiding in the Halls of Gloom."
  5. Talfryn
    "Go to Justicar Talfryn at the Reliquary Station in the ."
  6. Special Weapon Crate
    Special Weapon Crate
    "Investigate the special arms crate of the cultists in the ."
  7. Weapon Crates <0/5>
    "Destroy the cultists' arms crate in the ."
  8. Old Hammer
    Rusty Scissors
    "Take the tools to Jesper at the Utterdark Outpost."


This is part of the Phantom Menace story quest chain. It is preceded by the quest Revelation of the Goddess, and is followed by the quest The Mystery Deepens.


S-start Samael

Commander Seir's got a burr in his britches about these Scions of Lok. He wants someone more experienced, but I think you can handle it.

Reports came in about a Scion base in the Tenebrous Mines. Meet Primus Jakarian in Chebika and tell him I've given you operational command over the mission. Sack the base and kill its leaders.

S-progress Jakarian

Sorry to make you come all this way for nothing, but I scouted it and found nothing there. It's just an old mine with a giant weapon sticking out of it. The usual.

You can return to Velika, if you wish. Job well done!

(I'll see for myself, thanks.)

Suit yourself. Lupus is still at the mines dealing with some problems with the walking dead.

You can lend him a hand. Head out the western gate and report to Kusbert.

(Will do.)

S-progress Kusbert

Glad to see you, <player class>. The Justicars could really use an extra body in the Tenebrous Mines. Head up the hill and report to Lupus.

(On my way.)

S-progress Lupus

I'm so glad to have some help.

No time for recriminations, just find zombie slaves and kill them. Take anything you find to Ruanal. He's hiding in the Halls of Gloom.

We've much to do and no time to talk. We have to get to the bottom of this Scion mystery. Get moving!


S-progress Ruanal

Thank the gods. I've been hiding for ages! Wait, you're not a did you find me?

No matter. No matter. What do you have there?

(Journals I found on the zombie slaves.)

This...what an incredible find. It tells us the location of a Scion hidden weapon they plan to use to take over the mine!

Listen <player class>, it's of the utmost importance you get this intelligence to Talfryn right away. He's at the Reliquary Station in the Halls of Shadow.

Tell him the weapon is in the Halls of Shadow. Go now!

(Yes, sir.)

S-progress Talfryn

A hidden weapon you say? On the second floor...

I need you to get down there—and I mean now! Find that weapon, or weapons, or whatever they have down there.

Take what you find to Jesper in the Central Camp on the third floor.

Got it? Move, soldier!

(I've got it.)

S-progress Special Weapon Crate

(There is an old hammer inside this crate.)

(You've obtained an old hammer.)

S-progress Special Weapon Crate

(You find a rusty pair of scissors inside this crate.)

(You've obtained old scissors.)

S-end Jesper

These don't look like the shockingly dangerous weapons I'd have expected. Maybe they do something...else?

I expect there is some power within that we can't detect.

(I expect we were set up.)

What? That's not possible. Just look at these weapons! They're heinous!


Summary Upon CompletionEdit

Samael is under orders to investigate reports of a new Scion hideout in the Tenebrous Mines. He dispatched you to Chebika to coordinate with the Justicars, but the search produced nothing of value. Indeed, you became convinced the rumor was a setup of some sort.

The Justicars, however, ignored your remarks and insisted the threat was genuine.


  • 120,000 XP
One of the following, determined by class:
List of Rewards
unknown Unknown [edit] unknown Unknown [edit] unknown unknown Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Tenebrous Gloves Unknown [edit] unknown unknown unknown