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Unveil the Mask
Start S-start Fraya
Level 45
Type Story
Experience 9,000,000


Just go to


You should see Arachnaea to the north which is where you need to head first.

After you make your may over there talk to Kaleon.

Once you have spoken to him go into the cave.

A bit of advice for the first part of the cave. Don't go through any tunnels until you get as high as you can get to find the right way.

After you make it through the first part of the cave. All you have to do is climb some spiderweb looking stuff. Don't jump down thinking you have to jump down like an idiot... like I did at first.

After you get very high you can see Kaleon again. Talk to him and he will give you a quest to interact with some mills.

After you collect some fragments bring them back to him. He will then give you a quest to destroy a mill. There is only one mill so wait for it to respawn.

After you turn that in you must talk for a little bit and then go through a teleporter to the Hidden Shrine.

After you enter you must defeat a fairly easy mini boss.

After you talk to continue your quest teleport to Allemantheia.

Go to the Arcane Symposium and use the teleporter.

After walking/riding a bit talk to Fraya and say I'm ready. Just defeat the pretty easy boss. That's it.

Hope this helped.


Summary Upon CompletionEdit

When Fraya realized that the material used to create morboliths may have come from the Mysterium, she summoned you to Allemantheia. Malachai, the chief arcanist for the Mysterium, volunteered to lead the investigation.

When evidence of the stones' production was found in Where is Arachnen lair ? how to get there ?, you went there and destroyed the production device.

Malachai suddenly commandeered the investigation, making Fraya suspicious of his loyalty.

Fraya pursued Malachai, but he escaped from Allemantheia.


Archer, Slayer, Warrior receive Mysterium-Commissioned Curiass

Lancer, Berserker receive Mysterium-Commissioned Hauberk

Sorcerer, Priest, Mystic receive Mysterium Robes

No information on Reaper at this time, but assume the same rewards as Archer, Slayer, Warrior as they are leather clad

Notes :This is a pretty easy quest it just takes time.Edit



Location of Malachai's Lab

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