Upright and Lost
Start Z-start Thakun
End Z-end Kiril
Level 60 (Requires 59)
Type Zone
Location Eastern AllemantheiaEastern Allemantheia
Money 8Gold
Experience 960,000
Item(s) Book1 Mysterium Encyclopedia x1
Reputation +450 Rep Hyderad Legacy


  1. Book1 Mysterium Encyclopedia x6
    "Collect Mysterium encyclopedias scattered through the valley."
  2. "Return the Mysterium Encyclopedias to Thakun."
  3. "Report Thakun's survival to Kiril."


Z-start Thakun

I was taking my first pegasus trip from Allemantheia to Bastion, and, well, the view from up there was so splendid... accidents happen!

I just leaned over to get a better look. I leaned a little too far, I suppose.

I had a knapsack full of valuable books, you see. Now they're scattered everywhere.

Imagine! Books falling from the sky! They must be somewhere nearby. Could you help me look for them?

Z-progress Thakun

Thank you!

Oh, my backside. We baraka are rather ungainly skydivers.

I'll be a while getting back. Would you warn Kiril I'll be late?

Z-end Kiril

Yes, we were worried when the pegasus arrived empty.

Thakun had never left Balder's Refuge before.

Allemantheia must have sent him back without a guide—those idiots!


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