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To find the Fabula Stone you have to find a teleport called Destiny's Armillary, which is located at: teracodex[dot]com/npc/15407. The teleport will teleport you to the stone.

Visions of Destiny
Start S-start Gwahre
Level 40
Type Story
Experience 660,000



TERA ScreenShot1

Entrance to Teleport

Summary Upon CompletionEdit

Mysterium scholars in Blessing Basin asked for your aid after tales of your deeds etched themselves into ancient cenotaphs.

You studied the cenotaphs and learned you were to face a great test. You faced the guardians of fate and met with the Seeress of the Gods, Mystel. She gave you a blessing, a warning about the future, and an ancient tome.



The quest location states Level 40 Blightwood, but the location of the teleportal actually exists in Blessing Basin at the location marked on the map shown above. It stands next to the vines(ladder) in the middle of Celestus Rest