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Playable races (skills): Amanminiicon Barakaminiicon1 Castanicminiicon Elinminiicon Highelfminiicon Humanminiicon Poporiminiicon

A popori lancer using Soothing Presence.

A racial skill (also known as a racial trait or a racial ability) is a unique skill granted to a character based only on racial choice.

Racial skills come in a set of four to five skills for each character which size's differ of each race, each being either active or passive. The racial traits are what symbolizes races' uniqueness aside from aesthetic choices and mechanics. With the exception of teleportation skills, all the racial skills depending on race choice are automatically granted upon character creation.

There are a total of 27 racial traits in TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea. Some races share racial skills with each other, such as Soothing Presence Soothing Presence, Horizon Run Horizon Run, Botanist Botanist and Friendly Current Friendly Current which are shared with poporis and elins, Teleport Velik's Horn which is shared with Humans, poporis and elins, Teleport Core's Resonance which is shared with high elves and baraka, and Teleport Kaiator's Drums which is shared with castanics and amani.

Amanminiicon AmanEdit

Icon Name Level Type Description
Last Aman Standing Last Aman Standing 1 Active Increases resistance to knockdown and immobilization. Casting duration is instant, effect duration is 30 seconds, and cooldown duration is 1 hour.
Blood of Dragons Blood of Dragons 1 Passive Increases resistance to periodic damage by 10.
No Stranger to Pain No Stranger to Pain 1 Passive Decreases damage received by 10% when your HP is below 30%.
Prospector Prospector 1 Passive Increases ore gathering speed.
Teleport Kaiator's Drums 52 Active Teleport to Kaiator.

Barakaminiicon1 BarakaEdit

Icon Name Level Type Description
Ancient Wellspring Ancient Wellspring 1 Active

Replenish all your HP by tapping magic from bygone age.

Cooldown duration is 2 hours.

Gather No Moss Gather No Moss 1 Passive Increases resistance to stun by 10.
Indefatigable Indefatigable 1 Passive Your stamina does not fall below 20%.
Time-Lost Techniques Time-Lost Techniques 1 Passive Increases crafting speed for magic weapons by 10%.
Teleport Core's Resonance 40 Active Teleport to Allemantheia.

Castanicminiicon CastanicEdit

Icon Name Level Type Description
Skirmish Running Skirmish Runningg 1 Active Your combat speed increases by 30 for 3 minutes, but your resistance to knockdown is reduced by 20%. Effect ends when you are knocked down.
Dirty Fighting Dirty Fighting 1 Passive Increases critical hit rate by 1% when you attack a target from behind.
Light Landing Light Landing 1 Passive Decreases falling damage by 50%.
Weaponforger Weaponforger 1 Passive Increases crafting speed for metallic weapons by 10%.
Teleport Kaiator's Drums 52 Active

Teleport to Kaiator.

Elinminiicon Elin Poporiminiicon PoporiEdit

Icon Name Level Type Description
Soothing Presence Soothing Presence


1 Active Monsters do not make preemptive attacks, but your movement speed decreases by 40% for 1min. Effect immediately disappears when you use a skill or item, or when combat starts.
Horizon Run Horizon Run 1 Active Your speed increases by 20 for 3min outside of combat.
Botanist Botanist  1 Passive Increases plant gathering speed.
Friendly Current Friendly Current 1 Passive Your swimming speed is faster than other races.
Teleport Velik's Horn  12 Active Teleport to Velika.

Highelfminiicon High elfEdit

Icon Name Level Type Description
Core Infusion Core Infusion 1 Active Replenish 100% of your MP through the power of the Core. Cooldown 2h.
Coalescence Coalescence 1 Passive Increases gathering speed for essence.
Resilience of Mind Resilience of Mind 1 Passive Restores your MP continuously after you're resurrected.

Humanminiicon HumanEdit

Icon Name Level Type Description
Deft Footwork Deft Footwork 1 Active Your chances of being knocked down or stunned by another player decrease drastically for 3 minutes.
Indomitable Spirit Indomitable Spirit 1 Passive

When HP is below 30%, you take 10% less damage from other players.

Nomadic Crafter Nomadic Crafter 1 Passive Increases crafting speed for light armor by 10%.
Resilience of Body Resilience of Body 1 Passive Heals you continuously after you're resurrected.
Teleport Velik's Horn 12 Active Teleport to Velika.

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