Reputation Levels
Level Points
to levelup
Revered 1,000 Access to superior jewelry and superior items
Trusted 25,000 Access to pristine crystals
Friendly 20,000 Fifth daily quest opens
Favorable 15,000 Fourth daily quest opens
Neutral 12,000 Third daily quest opens
Wavering 9,000 Two daily quests open up
Apprehensive 6,000 Can only gain reputation through zone quests
Suspicious 3,000

Aside from the zone (yellow) quests you do in the various zones (excluding Velika and the Nexuses), you’ll be able to gather reputation points and credits doing daily quests, with a maximum of 10 such quests per day.

In order to see which region you’re acquainted with and how many points have been gathered, press ‘P’ and select ‘Reputation’. The different factions and your standing with them are then displayed.

The number of completed daily quests can be seen by pressing ‘L’ and viewing the ‘Daily Quest’ tab.

Gathered ‘reputation credits’ can be used to buy jewellery, crystals, and much more.[1]

Reputation levels and points Edit

Reputation is very similar to experience. Reputation is divided into a number of different levels for which players must earn reputation points to progress through. Higher reputation levels generally require more points than the previous level to progress. Reputation points, just like experience points, are gained through quests and killing various mobs.

Various quests and faction-specific rewards are available across the levels, but the player must be able to interact with the faction NPCs to gain access to these rewards. This usually requires Favorable or better standing.

Reputation sheet Edit

You can check your reputation with all factions by going to the Character window ("p" hotkey) and clicking on the Reputation tab along the top. You can also enable or disable various options:

  • Show as experience bar: Allows you to display one reputation bar as a experience bar around your minimap.

Gaining reputation Edit

Completing non-repeatable quests will usually increase your reputation with the quest giver's faction(s) by a fixed number of points. Most of the factions also have special daily quests that give reputation when completed, or special mobs that give reputation when killed.

For higher-end factions, a general strategy exists to make a reputation grind as painless as possible. Take the Valsekyr Hunt for example. There are several ways in which to earn reputation for them: doing standard quests, killing mobs in and around Argonea and Granarkus, killing BAMs, and doing daily quests.

The Factions and their items Edit

The items from each faction are different. Some factions have items that are more suitable for tanking classes, while others may have rings that would be good for the damage-dealing classes.

  • The Hyderad Legacy specialize in items for healing classes. It is the only faction which provides players with a ring featuring an ‘Increases healing by 5%’ stat, as well as crystals which improve the MP pool.
  • The Invalesco have green crystals, which add more power to your stats or increase your resistance to critical hits. They also have an earring that raises your HP by 3810!
  • The Shariar specialize in damage. Their ring has an ‘Inflicts an additional 1.5% damage on target hit’ stat, and their crystals boost your Impact Factor and Crit Rate!
  • The Valsekyr Hunt focus on the tanking classes. Their ring features a ‘Collects 1.5% additional aggro on target hit’ stat, and their items increase Balance and the HP pool.
  • The Hands of Velika have green crystals, which add attack speed to your stats and with enough work in the previous 4 factions can offer the Black Leopard.
  • The Agnitor focus on stopping the Argon invasion. The gear they offer is mostly used in PVP or can be used as enchanting fodder.

Purchasable pieces of jewellery feature a ‘Crystal socket’, in which ‘green crystals’ can be placed.[1]


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