A role refers to a player's style of play that is required to be used while in combat. Such role is based upon class choice and cannot be changed. There are exceptions where certain classes may play as others such as a Warrior being able to play as defense and every class capable of dealing damage, but officially every role is dubbed to only one role while using the Instance Matching tool.

There are three roles:

  • Defense - Known as the Defender, the act of tanking means of distracting the enemy and letting it focus on the tank as much as possible.
  • Offense - Known as the Offensive, the act of damaging means of focusing on bursting out as much as damage possible whilst keeping self safe.
  • Support - Known as the Supporter, the act of supporting means of assisting the group whenever possible, not only limited to healing, but buffing, summoning and supporting with various skills such as Arise.
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