Runes are a major component in crafting equipment, often coveted by players due to their relatively low drop-rate as loot from various monsters, and due to the amounts needed for certain higher-level Crafting recipes. Well, thanks to Crafting Quests, players no longer need to farm runes to level their crafting skills. However, that hasn't changed the fact that the player would still need runes to craft items. The following is a list of all the runes.

Runes Edit

Note that the crafting skill Alchemy can teach players the ability to convert common runes to the corresponding level's uncommon form. However, there are no level 15 uncommon runes; conversion will result in having level 25 uncommon runes instead.

Level Common Runes Uncommon Runes Titans Runes Boss Runes
Weapon Armor Weapon Armor
1 - 20 Paverune of Shara Paverune of Arun - - Paverune of Titans -
21 - 30 Silrune of Shara Silrune of Arun Daga Rune Geit Rune Silrune of Titans Triz Rune
31 - 40 Quoirune of Shara Quoirune of Arun Sulfa Rune Isthel Rune Quoirune of Titans Emya Rune
41 - 50 Archrune of Shara Archrune of Arun Glora Rune Kran Rune Archrune of Titans Rowan Rune
51 - 60 Keyrune of Shara Keyrune of Arun Sikka Rune Zirc Rune Keyrune of Titans Aeru Rune

Notes Edit

  • If the player's level is much higher than that of the mob, the chance of the mob dropping a rune is decreased.
  • Rune Tier is determined by the monster's level, the rune it drops will be the highest tier it can. For example, a level 26 monster will drop Silrunes, not Paverunes.
  • Titan runes are only dropped by BAMs, while boss runes are only dropped by dungeon bosses.
  • Shara runes are used only for Weaponsmithing, while Arun runes are used only for Armorcrafting. Thus the Weapon/Armor classification in the table above.
  • Runes can be purchased from various shop NPCs.