Title Lord of Prions, Father of Dragons
Gender Male
Race God
Reaction Friendly
Status Alive

Saleron is a God known as the Lord of Prions and the Father of Dragons. Once the Leader of all Gods, he was incarcerated by his son, Killian, following his loss of the Divine War.

He is imprisoned in the Crypt of the Damned, where he watches over the Ebon Span. Saleron loathes mortals and gods alike (after all, his children - Kaia, Velik, Killian, and Icaruna - were forced to watch the other gods tear his body apart and scatter the pieces throughout the Crypt), but spares some kindness to his creations, the prions, particularly his prion prophet Torsten.

During the Danger in Kaiator quest line, he assists the player in hunting down Killian by entrusting them with a powerful relic following a test of strength in his Sky Garden, which the player is welcome to visit at any time for his entertainment as well as theirs.