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Title Garrison Commander
Gender Male
Race Human
Reaction Hostile Hostile
Affiliation Valkyon Federation
Occupation Commander of the Valkyon Federation
Location Velika
Status Deceased

"Pay attention and follow orders. You've got to keep your mind on the big picture. Trust me to know it and I'll trust you to believe in it.

Or I'll boot you to some frozen pit north of Kaiator before you can say 'Velik preserve me!'

Samael is a high ranking commander within the Valkyon Federation.

Location Edit

Samael can be found at the Valkyon Federation Headquarters in Velika.


Fey Forest uprisingEdit

Samael is responsible for dispatching federation forces to quell the Fey uprising in Arcadia province. Leading to the discovery that the Scions of Lok were responsible for the conflict as well as inciting further unrest within the province.

Insanity EpidemicEdit

Shortly after events in Arcadia Samael sent soldiers including his adjutant Bruke To investigate a mysterious wave of madness in northern Poporia With the help of the ranger Jelena it was discovered that the madness was the result of local Vampirs working with the Scions of Lok to create stones known as Dementaliths. After a raid on the Vampirs' base in Sinestral Manor Samael declared Jelena a traitor to the federation and issued Bruke with an execution order.

Uncovering the TruthEdit

Samael then sent soldiers to deal with another group of cultists stationed within the Tenebrous Mines in the Val Aureum Province and deal with a notorious arms dealer named the Black Hood. However before dispatching them on this mission he secretly placed an enchantment to incite bloodlust on them. Due to timely intervention by Jelena the Black Hood, who was actually the federation hero Elleon survived the encounter and began to investigate Samael's suspicious activities.

Samael then dispatched Bruke and his Justicars to Ostgarath in secret. Elleon and his allies followed and discovered that Bruke was dealing with Gulas as well as members of the Scions of Lok on Samael's behalf. Elleon discovered that Samael was attempting to secure the Lance of Gidd from the Gulas with which he hoped to slay the goddess Velik in order to gain immortality and usurp her position as ruler of Velika.


Samael was confronted and slain in his mansion by federation soldiers led by Dougal after transforming himself into the demon Belsamael. Before his death Samael taunted Dougal and hinted at a possible link between the Scions of Lok and the Argons.

Cultist's RefugeEdit

Samael had planned for the possibility of his death and placed a portion of his soul within a Soulstone in the Cultists' Refuge. However Elleon and his allies raided the refuge and destroyed the Soulstone before Samael could be revived.

Quests Edit

Samael is an objective of the following quests:

Samael ends the following quests:


Samael is voiced by Canadian actor Michael Hogan.

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