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This article is about removed content, an article of a subject that is no longer available in TERA and very unlikely to ever return due to development decisions. The article remains here for historical purposes.
Shaggy Noruk
Shaggy Noruk
Race Noruk
Level 7
Reaction Hostile Hostile
Health Unknown [edit]
Classification Normal
Location Island of Dawn

Shaggy Noruk are one of the enemies in the game TERA. It is a variant of the Noruks (species).



Gore, charge, trample


Because its antlers are its main defense, a noruk will always turn to face you, and always be ready to defend itself quickly. It will frequently take several steps back after your first attack, to remove itself from range.


Once committed to a charge, a noruk will not deviate from the path it has chosen until it has completed the charge. At that time, it is extremely vulnerable to attack from anyone not directly in its path.


Shaggy Noruk is the objective of the following quests:


One of the following:
List of Drops
Lance of the First Expedition Unknown [edit] Axe of the First Expedition Unknown [edit] Greatsword of the First Expedition Twin Swords of the First Expedition Unknown [edit] Unknown [edit] Bow of the First Expedition Unknown [edit] Disc of the First Expedition Scepter of the First Expedition Staff of the First Expedition

Drops Edit