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Shandra Manaya
Title Queen of the Argons
Reaction Hostile Hostile
Classification Dungeon Boss

Shandra Manaya, Queen of the Argons, is the commander of the Argon armies. She controls her legions from her throne, and can control all of her minions at once. She makes appearances in Shara, but more notably in the Argon Corpus. Manaya leads the Argons in the name of her "Creator ".

Argon WarEdit

Manaya, along with her almost endless Argon armies, broke through into the realm of Arborea via the Dark Cave. She began her assualt on Kaiator, killing many and turning the attention of the Valkyon Federation. Shandra commanded her minions to begin terraforming Arborea, as well as sending the Nexus out into the world. The Argon War devastated the land, and killed many in the process.

Argon CorpusEdit

Shandra commands the Argon Army from its central intelligence system, the Argon Corpus. It is here that she employs many armed guards to protect her from any outside force. The Corpus is a series of chambers were the fiercest Argon warriors protect the Queen's throneroom, Manaya's Core. While she often boasts of her power, she is quite weak if exposed. To protect herself, she "installs" herself into her robot, and attacks from it. The Queen meets her end by the hands of Valkyon Federation.

When Kaia asked her about her motives in getting Kelsaik's Flame, she responds cryptically before dying - "For Manahan."


The Queen has many powers at her disposal, most notably commanding her Argon armies from her mechanical throne in the Argon Corpus. The Argon Queen also commands a huge robot, that has similar traits to herself. She can levitate and control anything telepathically. She can also speak the language of the Federation.