The Shariar are one of the many fronts battling the argons of Northern Shara.


A unit of irregular forces engaged in operations against the argons on the front lines.

Daily QuestsEdit

Purchasable RewardsEdit

Rewards are purchased from Kertanta and Puramin.

Reward Reputation Required Currency
White Gilded Feather Trusted


Blue Gilded Feather Trusted 500Gold
Black Gilded Feather Trusted 500Gold
Golden Gilded Feather Trusted 500Gold
Grey Feathered Hat Favorable 200 Credits
Blue Feathered Hat Favorable 200 Credits
Red Feathered Hat Favorable 200 Credits
Green Feathered Hat Favorable 200 Credits
Impacting Zyrk Favorable 25 Credits
Pristine Impacting Zyrk Trusted 200 Credits
Carving Zyrk Favorable 25 Credits
Pristine  Carving Zyrk Trusted 200 Credits
Succoring Zyrk Favorable 25 Credits
Pristine Succoring Zyrk Trusted 200 Credits
Supple Noruk Leather Friendly 1500 Credits
Shariar Setting Revered 1700 Credits