Shetla Fibers
Shetla Fibers
Raw plant material spun into thread.
Sell value 3Copper

Shetla Fibers is the third of the 5 available fibers in the game. It is used for tailoring and alchemy. Gathering shetla fibers can only level the player's Plant Gathering level up to a maximum of 201. The plants have a chance of dropping Essential Mana, Idyllic Leafs Cochineal Beetles, Indigo Petals, Murex Snails, Saffron Stalks, or Purpurin Roots instead of the actual fibers.

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Dropped by monsters, crystals and plants from the following locations below

  1. TIPS: ( use a scroll to teleport to the next area by buying it from a merchant from the main area of places you have already been to or use a Flight Manager go to. Also check on the map by pressing "M" to find which locations to go to) :
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Recipes Edit

Product Crafting Skill Crafting Lvl Recipe Components
Shetla Salve Alchemy 100 Recipe: Shetla Salve Shetla Fibers x 2
Shetla Gel x 1
Shetlacloth Tailoring 100 Design: Shetlacloth Shetla Fibers x 2
Professional Refining Kit x 2