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A Magic Instructor

A skill is an ability that can be used by any character which is determined on class. Each class has their own unique skills, and there is only one skill that all classes learn, Retaliate (Lv 12).

New Skills can be learned every even level (e.g. Lv 2, Lv 4), with the exception of two starting abilities which the player is given upon character creation

To learn a new skill, the player much find an Instructor related to their class. There are only two types of instructors, Tatical Instructors and Magic Instructors.

  • Tatical Instructor : Teaches Archers, Berserkers, Lancers, Slayers, Warriors, and Reapers.
  • Magic Instructor : Teaches Priests, Sorcerers, and Mystics.

    A Weapon Instructor

List of skillsEdit

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