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A male human slayer using Overhand Strike.

The slayer specializes in various slayer skills and highly depends on such in terms of combat in order to deal damage from close range and attempt to avoid getting hit. Most Slayer skills can only be used while a greatsword is equipped.

There are currently 24 slayer skills which can only be learned by the Slayer, while 22 of them can be learned from a Tactics Instructor, Combo Attack (Slayer) and Evasive Roll (Slayer) are gained automatically upon character creation.

All of the skills (?) can be enhanced with a glyph with a cost of a certain glyph points up to 50 points, depending on the character's level.

Icon Name Level Glyphs Description
Combo Attack Combo Attack (Slayer) 1 Strike one or more targets in front of you and gain MP with each hit. Successive strikes do more damage up to four hits with the fourth hit dealing substantially more.
Evasive Roll Evasive Roll (Slayer) 1 Dodge your enemy's attack.
Whirlwind Whirlwind 2 Spin with your sword, hitting targets within 3m.
Knockdown Strike Knockdown strike I 4 Bowl your enemy over with a mighty swing of your sword.
Headlong Rush Headlong Rush 8 Charge forward, increasing the speed of your next attack within 10 seconds by 30%. Effect ends after 10 seconds or when you hit a target.
Whirlwind Whirlwind Boost
8 Increase damage to multiple targets with Whirlwind.
Knockdown Strike Knockdown Strike Boost
10 Increase damage to multiple targets with.
Triumphant Shout Triumphant Shout (Slayer) 10 Instantly restores 100MP. Your MP doesn't decay for 20 seconds.
Retaliate Retaliate (Slayer) 12 Leap to your feet while attacking your target. You can use this skill only when knocked down.
Overhand Strike Overhand Strike 16 Swing downward for a massive blow. Skill activates faster if you use Whirlwind, Leaping Strike (Slayer), Stunning Backhand, Heart Thrust, Startling Kick, or the fourth consecutive hit with Combo Attack (Slayer).
Startling Kick Startling Kick 18 Briefly stun your target with a kick, then leap backward.
Tenacity Tenacity (Slayer) 20 Call on inner reserves to instantly replenish 240 MP.
Distant Blade Distant Blade 22 Strike at a target within 15m with a magic extension of your sword. Repeat the attack up to three hits. Damage decreases at maximum range.
Leaping Strike (Slayer and Warrior) Leaping Strike (Slayer) 24 Jump at your foe and smash downward. Knocked down foes take 5x damage once you learn Merciless Leap (Slayer).
Leaping Strike (Slayer and Warrior) Merciless Leap
24 Your Leaping Strike deals 5x damage against knocked-down enemies.
Stunning Backhand Stunning Backhand 26 Swing your sword around, briefly stunning your foe.
Fury Strike Fury Strike 30 Slash your sword in front of you; the lower your HP, the greater the damage.
Dash Dash (Slayer) 32 Increase your speed by 50% for 10 seconds.
Heart Thrust Heart Thrust 38 Step forward, attacking your target's vulnerable spots.
Exhausting Blow Exhausting Blow 44 Strike a painful blow that increases target's cooldown time by 50% for all skill they use in the next 15 seconds. Effective only on other players.
Overpower Overpower 50 Gather your might for a decisive blow. Your next attack within 20 seconds does 30% extra damage.
Backstab Backstab (Slayer) 56 Rush 10m and make a lethal thrust to your target's back. The target is stunned. Ends if target is knocked down.
In Cold Blood In Cold Blood 58 Increase your power by 26 for 20 seconds. Attacks against other players deal 15% extra damage.
Measured Slice Measured Slice 60 Gather your might and make a wide slice at the enemy's neck. Skill activates faster following Overhand Strike.

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